Brendon Street Advisors invests in William Clarence Education

February 7th 2024 - Admin

The William Clarence Education Group, one of the leading providers of consultancy, admissions and recruitment solutions to the education sector, has announced a significant...

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How Long Until I Hear from Universities? UCAS after January 31st

February 7th 2024 - Evelyn Pike

Whether you submitted early or you only recently clicked that 'submit' button on your UCAS application, it’s exciting knowing you're inching closer to the realm of lectures...

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Masterclass Tuition

October 20th 2022 - Stephen Spriggs

What are Masterclasses? Masterclasses are ultra-tuition sessions that break down exam questions and demonstrate how to make the most of the time available, making papers into...

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William Clarence Education Partners with What University Live 2020

October 30th 2020 - Steve Spriggs

Specialist UCAS and Oxbridge application consultants from William Clarence Education are invited to host talks on all aspects of the UK University application process.

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William Clarence Education joins forces with Atom Learning for a new School Selection webinar.

June 11th 2020 - William Clarence Education

We are delighted to have been invited to host a webinar with Atom Learning next Wednesday 17th June at 6pm. Head of our UK School and University Placement Consultancy, Diana Morant, will be on hand to discuss the options open to parents selecting senior schools at 11+ and 13+.

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William Clarence Education Acquires Conference & Common Room Magazine

April 25th 2020 - Admin

After receiving glowing feedback on its debut publication, William Clarence Education announced this week the expansion of Independent School Admissions Plus Magazine, (ISAP) with...

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Why you should still be applying to UK schools and Universities during the Coronavirus pandemic

March 19th 2020 - Stephen Spriggs

As the advice surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic changes on a daily basis worldwide and we enter difficult and distressing times, it is worth remembering that applications to the...

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Prospectus of the Year 2019 Winner Announced!

November 18th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

The winner of William Clarence School Services first annual Prospectus of the Year Award was announced this week in the latest edition of Independent School Admissions Plus Magazine, alongside the launch of a new award for independent school admissions and marketing departments.

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Independent School Admissions Plus Publishes Second Issue for Winter 2019/20

November 15th 2019 - Steve Spriggs

The second edition of Independent School Admissions Plus Magazine, our dedicated print and online resource for Independent School Admissions and Marketing professionals is now available in print and online.

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William Clarence Education Nominated ‘Pathway Company of the Year’ 2019 by Education Investor

October 18th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

William Clarence Education is proud to have been nominated in the ‘Pathway Company of the Year’ category for the third year running at the Education Investor Awards 2019, after another year of hard work, new opportunities, and rapid growth.

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New Publication: Independent School Admissions Plus

May 15th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

Launching 16 May 2019, ‘Independent School Admissions Plus’ is a new, free print and online resource published by William Clarence Education to guide UK marketers and independent school recruitment registrars to admissions success.

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Independent School Marketing and Admissions Departments

May 15th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

In a climate where UK’s Independent School sector is facing uncertainties and challenges, William Clarence School Services launches this week, offering transparent and expert support for marketers and admissions staff.

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The Dark Side of putting bright children on TV | William Clarence

March 27th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

Seeing children crumble after being put under immense pressure to perform isn’t entertainment. Stephen Spriggs warns of the lasting implications of putting super-bright children on TV shows like Channel 4's Child Genius.

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Agents, Commissions, Conflicts of Interest? Tackling bias in Education Consultancy.

February 10th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

William Clarence MD, Stephen Spriggs, calls out money-grabbing school placement agencies and proposes new protections for schools and students.

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William Clarence Education Launches International Search for Student ‘Star of the Year’ 2019

January 24th 2019 - Admin

Leading London Education Consultancy, William Clarence Education, launches annual competition to attract international students of all nationalities and backgrounds to win coveted UK school and university placements.

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Join our Team: Are you our new Director of UK School & University Placements?

January 11th 2019 - Admin

William Clarence Education is searching for a passionate individual to play a key role in our growing team of education consultants and advisors.

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Managing Homesickness: every parent’s nightmare

September 18th 2018 - Dr. Helen Wright

Boarding schools provide an amazing all-round, complete education, and one of the best decisions you can take as a parent is to choose to send your child to one, but there's one nightmare parents dread - Homesickness. Here's how to tackle it...

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UK University Tuition Fees after Brexit

September 6th 2018 - Admin

While the Government promises that European University students won’t be faced with higher fees or have their loans withdrawn on March 29, 2019, it’s inevitable the position of overseas students will change in the future. Stephen Spriggs makes his predictions on the future of EU students in the UK.

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The biggest headache for UK Schools - The Unconditional University Offer

September 6th 2018 - Stephen Spriggs

For an increasing number of teenagers, there won't be any pressure this exam year because they were handed an unconditional university offer months ago. Our education consultants explain why this is such a headache for UK schools...

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Creating a New Curriculum – Answers on a Postcard

July 16th 2018 - Peter Tait

Is it time to approach the UK curriculum anew? Even if it involves dismantling and rebuilding the education paradigm we are comfortable with? Peter Tait discusses...

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