We offer the most unique and specialised Oxbridge Application Programme, tailored to the student in every sense, with wrap-around care provided by a range of experienced and expert application strategists.

Oxbridge Applications are high stakes and involve a huge amount of work, dedication, patience and stamina.  Having a personalised programme and specialist Oxbirdge strategist with you at each stage provides a huge advantage in crafting the best possible application.

Your Oxbridge Application is likely to be the culmination in years of hard work within a school environment and so additional focus to reach the end goal is essential.  Our team provide a dedicated project lead, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge and wider team input to support your goals.


Our Oxbridge Applications Consultants offer:

  • Full Oxbridge Application Preparation
  • Mock Interview
  • Course Selection and Guidance
  • Personal Statement Support
  • Admissions Testing 
  • Longterm Application Strategy Mentoring
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Our Oxbridge Application Consultation

Oxbridge Applications

Oxford and Cambridge universities are two of the most prestigious universities in the world, and applying to Oxbridge requires careful preparation and forward-thinking if you are to stand out among the competition.  As such, Oxbridge applications require careful preparation and forward thinking if you are to stand out from the competition.   Our programmes offer a one to one dedicated process to ensure the exact requirements and entry process is followed to maximise your chances of success.

Oxbridge Mentoring

Our approach begins long before the application process commences. Many students come from a different educational system, often less specialised than the UK, and it is crucial to help students broaden their knowledge of a subject.  We often start work with students before they are 16 to help guide them through correct school subject choices and give them a deeper understanding of a subject through reading, mentoring and discussion. Our aim is to empower each of our students with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel.

Oxbridge Admissions Testing

Virtually all courses at Oxbridge use an admissions test which varies by university. Tests at Oxford tend to be taken in late October, and at Cambridge they are often held at December’s interview, and this may vary by College and course.

Oxbridge Interviews

The final part of an Oxbridge application is being asked to interview. This crucial stage marks the culmination of your journey towards securing a place at one of the world’s most prestigious universities. Oxford and Cambridge are unique in the UK university system in that they do not make offers to students without interviewing them first.