Corporate and Executive Education Advice

We work with the HR departments of small and large companies from around the world helping advise on educational placements in the UK from ages 2 - 21 for their most valued executives.  Education is always going to be a priority for families relocating and with our in-depth knowledge of UK schools and universities, we are well placed to help families find the best solutions and make the HR department’s life easier. 

We have experience of working with students from many different educational systems and academic years and will work with your families to secure the best possible result.  Our schools team assess children to gauge their current academic level, as well as looking at potential, so that they have a clear idea of schools that will be suitable and up to date information to discuss with admissions offices.  In London in particular, we are used to working with late applications for occasional places at non standard entry points. 

Our higher education experts can work with older students to advise on UK university placement with specialised support for the very competitive Oxbridge applications and Medical School Admissions. We offer mentoring for students from a different educational system to help support their applications. 

We are also able to talk families through the UK system in general and construct comprehensive educational roadmaps for key decisions at every stage of the journey.

Who and how we can help:

  • HR Managers,
  • Private banks,
  • Executive house & family managers.
  • Full education roadmaps into the UK
  • Independent School Applications
  • Oxbridge and University Applications
  • Webinars to key leadership teams
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