At the appropriate time, we introduce UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) practice and testing, as this admissions test is a very important part of a strong medical school application. The UCAT is a computer-based online test, and so the format alone is often quite different to that which most students are familiar with. Our mentors provide comprehensive guidance on all five sections of the UCAT and support students so they excel in this vital aspect of the application process.

UKCAT Testing preparation

  • Comprehensive guidance on all five sections of the UCAT.
  • Provision of practice tests to familiarize students with the computer-based online format.
  • Advice on UCAT test registration and finding local test centres.
  • Help with understanding the significance of the UCAT in the medical school application process.
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UKCAT process and testing

Clearly the admissions test is a crucial part of a successful application and starting early with preparation and practise is key. At William Clarence we introduce students to the test format and help them prepare well in advance. 

We can also help advise on test registration and finding a local test centre if necessary. Students at schools that are registered exam centres for UK qualifications will often be able to sit the UCAT tests at school, but there are often a number of exam centres nearby that can accommodate private students.