Going to nursery represents your child’s first steps into the world of education.

This can therefore be both an exciting and anxious time for you as a parent, as you’ll want to be certain that your child secures a place at the best possible nursery placement and starts their educational journey on the right foot. 

To add to this, competition for places at good nursery schools is high; the growing number of international parents in London has created a high demand for nursery placements, meaning that more ‘prestigious’ nurseries are able to pick and choose their intake.   

What’s more, many nurseries link into some of the most in demand pre-preparatory schools, which makes your nursery choice even more critical.  Early registration is advisable, and having the right nursery contacts is vital for placement success. 

At William Clarence, we cover every aspect of nursery applications and registration. 

We will help you navigate the first stages of your educational journey, often having enquiries from parents before babies are born, keen to make a plan for the first years at nursery.   

We’ll also ensure that you are in a strong position, no matter the age of your child, and will help with application forms in the first few weeks of your baby being born.   

For those moving to London with small children, our contacts at leading nurseries will help us to find the right solutions for you, even at short notice. 

Our knowledge, experience and connections are unrivalled, and we’ll continue to work with you as your children grow and develop. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our eye-opening case study, which explores how our experts helped a US couple relocating to London to secure two coveted nursery placements for their 2- and 4-year-old children, despite them previously being told that there were no places available. 

Read the case study

Discover our expertise 

As well as supporting parents directly with finding nursery placements, we also share our knowledge and experience in the sector through our blog: 

What to look for when choosing a nursery for your child 

In this blog, specialist nursery and early year education advisor Sabine Hook discusses what you should look out for when choosing and applying for a nursery placement for your child. 

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Getting the Best London Nursery 

Sabine Hook shares her expertise once again in this blog on how parents should go about applying for the best nurseries in London, from proximity to Ofsted reports and more. 

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Start your search for nursery placements with William Clarence today. 

Simply get in touch with a member of our team, and they’ll be delighted to discuss your unique circumstances and requirements to ensure they find only the very best placement for your child. 
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Your allocated nursery expert at William Clarence will support you with:

  • Local knowledge to help you find the best nursery 
  • Advice on the next stage of education from each nursery onwards 
  • Advanced administrative planning before birth 
  • Registration forms submitted in good time 
  • Personal Visits arranged 


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