Our approach begins long before the application process commences. Many students come from a different educational system, often less specialised than the UK, and it is crucial to help students broaden their knowledge of a subject.  

We often start work with students before they are 16 to help guide them through correct school subject choices and give them a deeper understanding of a subject through reading, mentoring and discussion. Our aim is to empower each of our students with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel. Students need to demonstrate they have the academic potential to succeed at Oxbridge.

We offer monthly mentoring, usually one to two hours, to allow students to explore different subject options and start early on improving their knowledge of a subject.

Benefits of Oxbridge Mentoring

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the application process in advance of starting
  • Learn about the right course for you and the requirements you will need
  • Have a head start with a competitive Oxbridge Application
  • Work with a personal advisor for the duration of your application
  • Gather invaluable reading lists, podcasts, resources and more 
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The value of mentoring

Mentors will provide tailored reading lists for particular subjects of interest, from law to medicine and engineering, in order to widen a student's knowledge base and help cultivate a love of their subject. Audiobooks, podcasts and masterclasses are other ways for a student to assimilate lots of new information and demonstrate a proficiency and high level of understanding of their subject. 

Our process of Oxbridge mentoring

The year before application our mentoring students start on a full application package and use all they have learnt in their personal statement and at interview. Mentors will also discuss possible summer schools and research projects that might be able to be completed during the summer before embarking on their post-16 studies, or often the summer in the middle of their post-16 studies, just prior to application in October of that year.