Oxbridge Applications - Everything you need to know about the process

Stephen Spirggs
September 22nd 2020

Oxford and Cambridge are two of the world’s most prestigious and competitive universities. 

Competition for places to study undergraduate degrees at these universities is fierce. Oxford receives over 20,000 application for approximately 3,250 places a year, and Cambridge receives approximately five applications per place. What’s more, students cannot typically apply to both universities in the same year. 

Here at William Clarence, we can offer Oxbridge hopefuls advice and guidance on the entire application process and share with them all experience and up-to-date knowledge that we possess.

In fact, our Oxbridge applications experts work tirelessly with hundreds of families from around the world every year, achieving an astounding 85% success rate for Oxford applications in 2019 alone. 

Watch the video to learn everything you need to know about the process, and how our Oxbridge applications experts will help you at each stage:  

1. Course Selection

  • The key is to choose a subject that inspires you and that you’re passionate about! 

William Clarence will: Conduct a thorough review of your academic and extra-curricular activities.

We’ll also conduct regular checks with both universities regarding admissions to ensure that you meet the admission requirements for your chosen course.

2.  Choosing a college 

  • Ensure the college you choose offers your chosen subject and is open to your age group 
  • An open application – stating that you have no preference – will not put you at a disadvantage

William Clarence will: Help you make the optimal decision in accordance with the above

3. The personal statement

William Clarence will: Provide you with comprehensive guidance and feedback throughout

4. Admissions tests and written work

  • Ensure you register in time and spend a good amount of time preparing

William Clarence will: Provide you with a tutor with expert knowledge of the relevant test if required

5. The interviews

  • Interviews take place in December following the UCAS submission in October
  • Both universities will be looking for students who: have academic potential, are independent thinkers, and are keen to engage with new ideas

William Clarence will: Undertake mock interviews to build your confidence

6. The decision

  • You will find out if you've received a conditional offer in January following December interviews

William Clarence will: Provide you with feedback and support following the result if necessary 

If you or your child is thinking of applying to Oxbridge this year or in the years to come, be sure to contact our Oxbridge applications experts here at William Clarence today!