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How Long Until I Hear From Oxford, Cambridge, or Medical Schools?

Evelyn Pike
October 17th 2023

Are you a student who has recently submitted applications to Oxbridge or medical schools? If so - congratulations on meeting the October 16th deadline!

However, we know that the anticipation of hearing back from these esteemed institutions can be overwhelming, and you might be wondering: "When will I hear back? What do I do now?"

As the leading UK education consultants, at William Clarence we understand your concerns and aim to provide you with a clear timeline for the admission process.

So, how long does it take for your Cambridge of Oxford University application to be processed, and when should you expect to hear back? We cover everything below:

University Application Timelines

Oxford Interview Timeline

For those who have completed an Oxford University application, the TSA and BMAT tests will take place on October 18th, while the CAT, ELAT, GAT, MAT, HAT, MLAT, PAT, and Philosophy tests are scheduled for October 19th and 20th.

The deadline for submitting any required written work for your course is November 10th.

Between the middle of November and early December, you should receive a letter or email indicating whether you have been invited for an interview. The timing may vary depending on the course you applied for.

Your notification will generally come from the specific college to which you applied. If you submitted an open application, you will hear from whichever college you have been allocated. Keep in mind that you might get invited to interview by a college different from the one you applied to. This reallocation process aims to ensure equal opportunities for all applicants.

Be prepared for the possibility of receiving only a week's notice for your interview, which is typically scheduled for early to mid-December.

Shortlisted candidates for 2024 entry will be informed of their application's status on January 9, 2024, with decisions released via UCAS Track in the early morning, followed by direct communication from the college evaluating your application.

Remember, tutors base their decisions on various aspects of your application, including your interview, admission tests or written work, prior academic performance, personal statement, and academic reference. For Oxbridge applications support and guidance with any or all elements of your application, book a meeting with one of our university applications experts.

Cambridge Interview Timeline

For applicants to the University of Cambridge, on October 18th you will take the relevant admission test (BMAT, ENGAA, NSAA, or TMUA) based on your chosen field of study.

By October 23rd, you will complete the My Cambridge Application if necessary, and provide your transcript if you're an international student. In November, colleges to which you applied will invite you for an interview if you've been shortlisted.

Most college interviews at Cambridge typically occur in the first three weeks of December. In January 2024, the college you applied to may be impressed by your application but not have a place for you. In such cases, they may share your application with other colleges for consideration.

You will then receive the outcome of your application in January 2024.

Decisions to grant offers are based on different elements of your application, from your interview to admission tests and written work, previous academic performance, your personal statement, and academic reference.

For additional support and guidance during the application process, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Oxbridge applications specialists. We are here to help you through every stage and maximise your chances of success, with a wealth of experience in helping students from around the world secure a place at these prestigious institutions.

Medical Schools Interview Timeline

For medical school applicants, BMAT results are released in November, and universities that use BMAT for assessment, like Imperial College London and the University of Oxford, will send out interview invites in December and the following months.

Other medical schools typically begin sending interview invites in November, with some starting even earlier. For instance, King's College London and the University of Sheffield may conduct interviews between November and May.

Some universities opt for Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs), with dates varying between December and March. This format is followed by universities like Hull York Medical School, Norwich Medical School, and the University of St Andrews.

Be prepared to check your email regularly for medical school interview invitations and keep an eye on your spam or junk folders. While most invitations are sent via email, some universities may also use postal or UCAS website notifications.

What's Next?

Waiting for admission decisions can be nerve-wracking, but you can use this time wisely. Start preparing for your interviews, whether traditional or MMI, and explore our resources to gain confidence for the medical school admission process. Remember, preparation is the key to your success.

At William Clarence, we understand the importance of keeping you informed about your education journey. We're here to guide you through the interview timeline and answer any questions you may have.

Our educational roadmap has granted our students offers from the best universities in the UK since our establishment, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our educational consulting services.

Book a meeting with one of our education consultants today to prepare for your university interviews, no matter where you have applied. Our team is here to help you practice and prepare for all types of interview questions for courses around law, medicine, and beyond.