Masterclass Tuition

Masterclass Tuition

Stephen Spriggs
October 20th 2022

What are Masterclasses?

Masterclasses are ultra-tuition sessions that break down exam questions and demonstrate how to make the most of the time available, making papers into something highly approachable; helping students approach unfamiliar questions with confidence.

We specialise in working with students for super-selective school entry. Our masterclasses are made up of bespoke materials, compiled to a student’s individual requirements as they work towards a specific goal. We write materials with each student in mind to ensure that the questions are tailored to maximise the effectiveness of each session.

The agenda is only decided after discussing each individual child’s needs and educational pathway and materials include additional reading and questions to practice after each session. Masterclasses are available as stand-alone sessions to provide a jumping-off point for students; or can be arranged as programmes of study over a longer period of time. They are popular with students studying abroad hoping to move over to the British school system as well as those looking for a pre-assessment boost

For example, a student may take a term’s masterclasses to prepare for CEM and GL style in Year 5-6 to prepare for their CAT tests and ISEB Pretests with prior to applications to Eton and Winchester. The preparation would focus on nuances of each question type, discuss how the tests differ and focus on the precise methods and then lead students through interview technique and familiarisation. 

About Masterclass Tuition

Masterclasses are designed by Beatrix Woodhead. Each year, her students make up a significant proportion of 11+, 13+ and 16+ offers made at schools such as Westminster, Eton, St Paul’s, KCS and Godolphin & Latymer and are frequently awarded scholarships and awards as part of their applications (including the King’s Scholarship at Eton).  She works with a wide range of students internationally and in the UK, via Skype and in-person and has taught in excess of 10,500 hours of one-to-one lessons.

Beatrix has written several 11+ books published by Letts and frequently produces materials in hardcopy, online and video for courses and agencies to use in assessing and stretching students preparing for 11+ and 13+ exams. She has extensive experience working with students with Special Educational Needs.

Praise for Beatrix’s work

"Beatrix is the most generous, hard-working, courteous and considerate person I have ever met.  She has always had time for us and far exceeds any expectations of a tutor in every way, I cannot recommend her highly enough."

"Beatrix's expertise and familiarity of the whole process, exam and interview techniques is staggering; she has a precise understanding of the requirements for individual schools.  Beatrix has an exhaustive knowledge of the relevant study materials and past papers.  Always there to answer our queries and concerns, whether by email or in person, she has calmly navigated us along what could have otherwise been a very difficult path."

"The outcome was one that we could never have dreamed of and our son was offered places at every school he applied for.  He was awarded two scholarships, an extraordinary achievement given that he been such a reluctant writer and is a wonderful testament of Beatrix's expertise."

Book a Masterclass

Please call to discuss the exact requirements and we will devise a specific programme of study.