13+ Masterclasses for International Relocation

Masterclass tutoring & Homeschooling

Masterclasses can prove invaluable for helping students adapt to the new expectations of the British curriculum when they are moving across different curricula. They can help to ensure students start at their new school confident in what will be expected of them in the classroom and familiar with key techniques.

Student: A boy in Year 7


Having had excellent results in Year 6 Pretests, we were approached by a student who was looking ahead to his 13+ move to a top UK boarding school for Year 9. The family were looking for someone to support his work and cover the requisite curriculum for 13+ exams that would be taken in Year 8.

The brief was to build general knowledge and subject-specific work across the curriculum to ensure that the student had covered everything required for the examinations, bearing in mind that his current schooling was extremely different and he found a lot of the background information needed to access 13+ exam papers was lacking.


  • Academic assessment and personalised agendas drawn up to cover all necessary subjects for the two year project.
  • Weekly classes and excellent progress made in just a few weeks.
  • Student enjoying work and rediscovering a love of learning.

If your child would benefit from Masterclass sessions or you are looking for additional classes to complement a school placement package, simply contact us here today.