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11+ Masterclasses

Tuition is extremely popular nowadays and often, by the time students come to us, they have had an experience of several different tutors along their educational journey.

Masterclasses with Beatrix are a departure from traditional tuition as she prides herself on building a bond with her students so that they look forward to seeing her, as well as adding a huge amount of value to each student’s work and sees excellent progress as a result of classes. The intensive, fast pace of every session means that they are engaging and exciting lessons with more comprehensive progress, perfect for a specific exam boost.


Student: A girl in Year 6 (aged 11)

Educational Background:

This student had moved education systems during the latter part of her primary education and had been homeschooled for a term before joining a London prep school. The transition was not easy for this student, who had not formed a good bond with any of her tutors during homeschooling or those who later supported her at her prep school. Tuition had previously been something this student dreaded.

In spring 2020, Beatrix was asked to work with this student, giving six hours of Masterclass sessions each week. The main goal was to enable the student to gain entry to her first choice of secondary school, as the student had made an unsuccessful application in the usual 11+ applications in January.


Beatrix created a bespoke programme for the student over the course of four months’ tuition. Working three times a week, the progress this student made was incredible. Beatrix’s extensive experience of working with children with specific learning difficulties and tailored each session to building the girl’s strengths whilst boosting areas that she found challenging.

The student quickly came to look forward to seeing Beatrix each lesson and said she was ‘the best tutor [she’d] ever had!’ whilst working hard through a rigorous scheme of work. The family were absolutely delighted when they received an offer from the school in summer 2020.

If your child would benefit from Masterclass sessions or you are looking for additional classes to complement a school placement package, simply contact us here today.