Diversity at Oxbridge: Are They Doing Enough?

March 12th 2024 - Peter Tait

Diversity debate at Oxbridge Universities: Peter Tait explores whether Oxford and Cambridge are really doing enough to widen the diversity of their entry.

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Supporting the support staff in schools - how external eyes can cast a new light

March 19th 2020 - Dr. Helen Wright

The funny thing about the word ‘support’ as used in schools is that it can - and often, frankly, does - have a negative hierarchical tinge to it. ‘Support’ staff - whose headcount...

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Brexit - An Unexpected Boost for British Independent Schools?

September 9th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

Could a weak pound and a wobbly economy be just what UK Independent Schools need to get international bums on seats? We discuss the potential hidden upside of Brexit for British Education.

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The Trouble with Exam Statistics and League Tables...

August 28th 2019 - Dr. Helen Wright

All too often parents can find themselves seduced by the annual explosion of statistics emanating from Independent Schools during exam results days, but Dr. Helen Wright warns parents to take stats and league tables with a pinch of salt when choosing the right school.

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Education Experts respond to call for social mobility in UK’s independent school sector.

June 7th 2019 - Various

Leading names in UK Independent school admissions and marketing weigh in on David Goodhew’s plea for more focus on social mobility, bursaries and scholarships in Independent School Admissions Plus Magazine

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Independent Schools are facing serious headwinds

March 27th 2019 - Stephen Spriggs

Changes in economic policy and/or a change of government could result in independent schools closing, jobs being lost and thousands of children moving into state education. To prevent this from happening, senior leaders need to alter the way they run their schools and recruit their students.

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Help! My child doesn’t have any offers of places at a UK university … what do I do?

January 13th 2019 - Dr. Helen Wright

This is the time of year when many universities are making offers of places, but what if your child hasn’t received any yet, or has just received rejections … what can you do?

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Living Online: Are Tech Luddites Right to Worry?

December 19th 2018 - Peter Tait

The latest social media statistics among school age children make for worrying reading, but Peter Tait believes educators should be working with digital technology, rather than against it...

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The Importance of Parenting

December 10th 2018 - Peter Tait

The most influential of all educational factors is the conversation in a child’s home. Peter Tait explores The Importance of Parenting on our blog.

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Making international students feel welcome in the U.K.

November 13th 2018 - Dr. Helen Wright

With Brexit dominating most international news about the U.K., parents of school and university age students looking to send their children to the U.K. to study might be forgiven for wondering whether they are actually welcome. Here's how schools can help them settle in.

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What if…  I think my child may have a learning challenge?

October 6th 2018 - Lorna Woolley

The signs that a child may be experiencing a learning challenge can be very subtle, but there are a number of traits which are worth looking out for.

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Spotting the subtle signs of a child’s learning challenge

October 6th 2018 - Lorna Woolley

There are various traits which are common to several specific learning challenges. If you recognise more than one of these, it may be that your child could benefit significantly from an independent evaluation of their learning style.

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The Magic of a Swiss School

October 1st 2018 - Admin

Horse-riding, yachting, spa treatments, yoga, photography, meditation, expeditions, gastronomic cooking and private performances from the Berlin Philharmonic and Phil Collins. No, this isn’t a five-star holiday but some of the extra-curricular activities available at Swiss boarding schools.

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Why parents choose international schools

August 2nd 2018 - Admin

A child studying overseas discovers an extensive global network of friendships and potential work colleagues. Here's why more and more parents are choosing an international education for their children.

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Too much Education Policy

July 17th 2018 - Stuart Nicholson

CCSS Principal Stuart Nicholson doesn't need a Brain Gym to remind him that too much education policy is beholden to fashion, fad or what somebody thought was a good idea at the time.

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When did Exams Become so Toxic?

June 2nd 2018 - Peter Tait

Exam season was never meant to be easy, but on social media and in conversations with teachers and students this week, it sounds like they are getting a whole lot harder

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Growing up slowly is good for mental health

May 17th 2018 - Peter Tait

Feisty and straight talking, Natasha Devon has often been a thorn in the Government’s side by drawing their attention to what is the greatest crisis facing our young, that of mental health.

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Defining Success in Education

April 20th 2018 - Peter Tait

The world our kids are going to live in is changing four times faster than our schools. So, how will we recognise the successful students of the future?

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When do we start Teaching Integrity?

April 5th 2018 - Peter Tait

If we can teach children from the very start of school about the importance of teamwork, compromise, co-existence, and behavior that benefits all, then Peter Tait thinks society might have a chance...

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Choosing a School for your SEN child

March 2nd 2018 - William Dunlop

Choosing a school for any child can be daunting, and doubly so for a child with special educational needs (SEN). So how do you go about it?

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