The reasons for choosing to homeschool are unique to each family, but numbers of homeschooled students are most definitely on the rise

Whether you decide to homeschool for just a term or two of intensive tuition or for your child’s entire school career, for practical reasons such as travel or relocation, or for ideological reasons and family preferences, we can help. 

At William Clarence, our team of expert homeschooling UK tutors can work together with you to create the perfect bespoke homeschool package to suit your needs.

The benefits of homeschooling

For a growing number of families, homeschooling is becoming a positive choice rather than a last resort thanks to the numerous benefits of homeschooling

Gone are the images of friendless, peerless children from days gone by; rather, today’s homeschooled children are social, successful, confident, and even enjoy a number of advantages over their schooled peers:

More efficient learning

One-to-one attention from expert tutors means children don’t need to be in lessons from 9am-4pm. Subjects can also be covered more quickly, enabling free time for the child to develop their own interests.

A tailored approach 

Children can benefit from a strong education delivered in a meaningful and personal way that is uniquely tailored to their own interests and focused on meeting their own personal goals. 

Ideal for international families

If you travel a great deal or have recently relocated from overseas, homeschool tutoring can fit in around your lifestyle to ensure that your child’s education is never interrupted.

Social and cultural development

At William Clarence, our bespoke learning experiences cater for the whole child, including social and cultural development facilitated by our homeschooling UK tutors.

Develop unique abilities

Homeschooling provides the opportunity for your child to develop and hone their own unique gifts and develop hobbies to a level of excellence.

Homeschooling with William Clarence

At William Clarence Education, our international education consultants in the UK design bespoke full time educational packages to suit your family’s unique circumstances.

A team of dedicated full time homeschooling UK tutors will provide one to one tuition for your child across the curriculum, in an immersive, fun and highly engaging atmosphere. 

In addition to the academics, we will also tailor a programme of cultural, sporting and artistic experiences for your child.  

Social needs are also well catered for, and we take care to arrange socialisation with other children in similar circumstances.

Our experienced, discreet, professional tutors can live in, or nearby, or can travel with you in order to ensure continuity of education for your child.

From one month to a full academic year, William Clarence Education home schooling tuition can provide for a seamless re-integration with the school system; or it can be a rigorous academic solution in its own right.

Experienced homeschooling UK tutors 

Our international education consultants in the UK always begin any placement with our unique in-house assessment to ensure we approach your situation with a clear idea of your child’s current academic level, interests, and future ambitions.

It’s incredibly important to find the right tutor for your child’s needs, which is why we provide a unique “school at home” experience that is completely tailored to each child, complete with half-termly reports, assessments, and examinations.

At William Clarence, our education tutors are chosen for their qualifications and knowledge, but also for their patience, their ability to relate to children, and their outside interest too. 

A unique, one-to-one bond between a tutor and child has to be founded on an initial spark, which is why we take on a thorough process of interviewing potential tutors and shortlisting, before undertaking a series of meetings first with the family and then with the child. 

How much does it cost for homeschooling in the UK?

As our advice is tailored and each family that we work with is different, it is not possible to give an exact figure. Each of our homeschooling prices will depend on a number of factors, such as the duration of tutoring, the level of your ambitions and how much work is involved on our end. 

Next steps

If you’d like any further information about any of the above or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Our international education consultants in the UK work with numerous families every day to ensure their children’s educational needs are met, whether through homeschooling or any of our other services.