Private Home Tuition

Our Homeschool Tutoring London department caters for a wide range of academic needs. By dividing our tutors into different specialities such as subject area, exam board, student age range and target schools we can guarantee that you receive the perfect tutor for your given circumstance. Our educational consultants in London have dealt with programmes of study ranging from highly targeted year long programmes for scholarship exams, to homeschooling packages, to University exam preparation.

Tuition Away From Home

Our Tuition away from Home focuses on helping families find a partner to join and help you towards the goals you have. This may be a programme of residential tuition, or you need a tutor to travel with you internationally to maintain a top level of education delivery to your children - we can source the perfect individual to slot into your family and deliver the curriculum that is needed to maintain a seamless educational path. We also work extensively with families all around the world through our online platform. This provides flexibility whilst maintaining access to the highest level of professional tutor.

Special Educational Needs

Our Special Educational Needs consultants all have a deep care and understanding about a wide range of learning difficulties, ranging from mild and marginal, to moderate and severe. Due to programmes of study involving SEN, we always want to establish a relationship with your family and so will visit you in your home and meet your family, discuss options and be there each step of the way towards the end goal.