In any tuition situation, a good match between the child and tutor is essential, but never more so than for families hiring  tutors for bespoke, full time education.

Getting the Right Fit – Hiring a Professional Private Tutor

May 4th 2017

In any tuition situation, a good match between the child and tutor is essential, but never more so than for families hiring professional tutors to provide bespoke, full time education for their children.

For some families, hiring a tutor often means taking on someone who will travel the world with the family, or reside with them in this country or abroad – someone who will become almost a part of the family, rather than “just” a tutor. With excellent salaries on offer and a child’s entire educational experience at stake, it’s clear to see that the hiring process must be vigorous and thorough.

A Careful Choice

At William Clarence Education, staff are used to this kind of match-making. “It’s not a process which can be rushed,” explains Steve Spriggs, MD. “We normally suggest clients allow up to six weeks to find the perfect tutor or set of tutors. There’s a lot to consider.”

William Clarence Education’s tutors are chosen for their qualifications and knowledge, but also for their patience, their ability to relate to their young charges and – crucially – their outside interests too. The very best tutors can offer more than just academic teaching – for a long term placement, it’s important that the tutor brings something else to the table, whether that’s a keen interest in football or expertise in music or the arts.

“We take time to match a child’s interests with those of the tutor,” says Steve Spriggs. “Particularly for residential placements, it’s important that the tutor can create and facilitate cultural and social opportunities for the child, such as attending sports training or matches, or touring museums and galleries.”

Interviews and Meetings

This kind of one to one bond between tutor and child has to be founded on an initial spark, and so William Clarence Education take on a thorough process of interviewing potential tutors and short listing, before the shortlist undertake a series of meetings, first with the family, and then with the child.

Since in many cases the tutor will live with or travel with the child and family, chemistry and shared interests are essential, and it’s important that the tutor fits in seamlessly with the ethos of the whole family.

Once a tutor has been chosen and the arrangements agreed, regular contact is established with the tutor and family in order to ensure that all parties are happy and that the placement is proceeding well.

Exacting Professional Standards

Some families choose to mirror regular school as closely as possible, with set lesson hours, parent-tutor evenings and a relatively formal working relationship. Others adopt a more organic approach, but the extra-curricular activities the tutor facilitates are a key part of any child’s educational experience. High level professional tutoring is a demanding career, and families rightly insist upon a high end educational experience to match that the child could enjoy in a top notch school.

“Our professional tutors enjoy wonderful lifestyles – they are paid well to do a job they love doing, and they often get to travel the world too,” adds Steve Spriggs. “In return for that, they work long hours to very exacting standards and are always willing to go the extra mile to create experiences and memories the children in their charge will treasure as they grow up.  Professional tutoring is not a job – it’s a profession in its own right.”




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