What can parents do to help their children stand out from the crowd? We look at the benefits of home schooling in a variety of scenarios.

Residential and Home Schooling

May 4th 2017

Britain’s public schools and top universities are widely regarded as the best in the world, but competition for places has never been fiercer. As yesterday’s A-level results show, increasing numbers of students are gaining top grades, but the gap between high achievers and those who barely scrape through is growing too.

What can parents do to help their children stand out from the crowd?

Private tuition is a popular solution, with tutors available for all ages and stages of education. Whether your children are preparing for the Common Entrance, sitting the 11+ or working towards their GCSEs or A-levels, private tutors can help to bridge the gap between an average result and an outstanding one.

Private tuition is not unusual in London, however – indeed, in some classes, the vast majority of children will have private tuition in the evenings or weekends as key academic dates approach. For an increasing number of families, the answer is more radical: Homeschooling.

Homeschooling as an Academic Solution

Taking your child out of school for a year and providing them with a team of top tier super tutors can be a hugely effective competitive advantage when it comes to public school entry. Homeschooling allows your child to learn at their own pace, in the comfort of their own home, away from the distractions of the classroom. One to one tuition can be more efficient and effective than classroom learning, enabling your child to cover the syllabus much faster and in greater depth.

Homeschooling is a particularly popular option for foreign families moving to the UK. Over 60% of London’s best property was sold to overseas buyers last year, and many of these families are keen for their children to get the best possible start in the British education system.

Most families choose to homeschool for anything from a month to a year, and the end goal is usually entrance to the chosen public school. Elite tutoring consultancies such as William Clarence Education provide a unique “school at home” experience tailored to each child, complete with half-termly parent reports, assessments and examinations. It’s not just the academic benefits of home schooling that appeal to relocating families, however. “High profile foreign families moving to the UK are looking for more than just good schooling,” says MD Steve Spriggs.

“It’s about social integration too – helping the child fit in with the British cultural system, and exposing them to high end social situations and experiences.”

Social and Cultural Tutoring for a Competitive Edge

William Clarence Education “super tutors” are all professionals, themselves with high academic achievements, many of them from a public school background. They are at ease in the upper echelons of society, and will accompany children to theatres and art galleries, fine restaurants and places of historical interest. Formal etiquette training is also available, and the aim is for students to gain the social and cultural skills they will need to thrive in an elite environment.

From football practice to drama classes, and from debating societies to music lessons, students with William Clarence Education enjoy a tailored social and educational experience, which perfectly matches their interests and ambitions. Accompanied by experienced and well connected tutors, students can take their first steps into the worlds of business, finance, economics, arts and government, giving them a head start when competing against students who have not enjoyed such privileges.

Although Britain’s class society is not as prevalent as it once was, there are still certain standards of behavior expected the most successful circles. Academic homeschooling combined with social and cultural tutoring is one of the most effective ways for foreign families to get up to speed with this. “Our students are confident and able to converse intelligently in all manner of situations,” says Head of Tutor Placements at William Clarence Education. “This gives them a competitive advantage over their peers, and it shows.”

A Wonderful Way to Grow Up

Most homeschooled students find their year out of school to be an exciting and fascinating experience. The nature of homeschooling allows much more free time than a school student has, which in turn allows these young people space to develop their own personalities and interests.

Students work hard, but play hard too, and learn good self-discipline habits for life. 

  “Typically, students who have been homeschooled by our tutors arrive at public school with a depth and breadth of life skills they would not otherwise have had,” adds Steve Spriggs. “They’ve had the best of both worlds – intensive private academic tuition and a whole world of new experiences.

They’re primed for success but they’ve had fun along the way. What could be better than that?”


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