If you are relocating to the UK from abroad, if your child is ill, or if you as a family travel a great deal, a period of home schooling could be the perfect fit for your needs. At William Clarence Education, we design bespoke full time educational packages to suit your family’s unique circumstances.

The Masterclass

Masterclasses are ultra-tuition sessions that break down exam questions and demonstrate how to make the most of the time available, making papers into something highly approachable; helping students approach unfamiliar questions with confidence. 

Hourly Tuition

Our private tutoring London department focuses on your child's needs to ensure we offer a complete learning environment geared towards your child's goals.

Special Educational Needs tutoring

Our Special Educational Needs consultants all have a deep care and understanding about a wide range of learning difficulties, ranging from mild and marginal, to moderate and severe. Due to programmes of study involving SEN, we always want to establish a relationship with your family and so will visit you in your home and meet your family, discuss options and be there each step of the way towards the end goal.