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5 Signs Your Child Could Benefit from Private Tuition

May 4th 2014

Children are facing increasingly heavy workloads at school, and competition for top grades is intense.  

Some parents are understandably reluctant to employ a tutor for their child, not wanting to add to the pressure or the amount of work the child faces – but in many cases, private tuition can resolve problems which could otherwise affect your child’s future.

How can you tell if your child would benefit from the help of private tuition experts? These are the five most common scenarios:

Here are the five signs your child could benefit from a private tutor:  

1. Falling grades 

If your child’s school marks start to fall, that’s a big warning sign. There could be any number of reasons for this, including perhaps bullying at school or upset at home – rule these out first.  

If there are no emotional reasons for the falling grades, however, then there must be an academic one, and that’s something a tutor can help to fix.  

Tutors provide one-to-one tuition which is much more effective than classroom teaching, so it will not necessarily take as long as you think to help your child get back up to speed. 

2. Homework issues

Does your child always put off homework in one particular subject? Or does this homework seem to take a disproportionately long time to complete?  

Homework excuses and procrastination are a sign that your child is frustrated with that subject, either because they’re finding it difficult or because they’re simply not interested. If it’s a subject that they must do well in, this is a challenge.  

Engaging a tutor will help your child overcome difficulties in understanding, and can also show them a more relevant and interesting side to the subject in question. 

3. Boredom at school

It’s not only children who are struggling academically who can benefit from tuition experts.  

Bright children are often left bored and unchallenged at school, and they then tend to switch off from the learning environment. If your child is consistently getting excellent grades but doesn’t seem enthused about her work, it could be time for some private tuition.  

A good tutor will engage and stretch your child, helping to channel her potential and to motivate her to excel.

4. Anxieties and fears 

Sometimes even a child who is doing well at school will be fearful about taking exams or worried about not doing their best.  

Steve Spriggs, MD of William Clarence Education, understands how a private tutor after school, at the weekends or during the summer holidays can make all the difference to such a child’s confidence.  

“The best tutors relieve pressure on children rather than adding to it,” he says. “Our tutors are adept at coaching anxious children. The key is to help the child understand that their very best will always be good enough – but that with hard work they can always do better than they think they can.” 

5. Travel, illness or upheaval 

If you’re new to the UK, a private tutor can ease your child’s entry into the British education system. No matter how good the education in your home country, or how well your child was doing, starting school in a new country is a daunting prospect.  

“Every type of exam and every stage of education has its quirks,” points out Steve Spriggs, “and families who have moved to the UK value our tutors as guides through the process. Children fit in faster and adjust better when they have the benefit of a private tutor.”   

Children who have been ill for some time or who have missed a lot of school for any reason also benefit from private tuition to help them catch up with their peers. 

Children who are going through family difficulties may struggle with school work, and a private tutor can provide a valuable and consistent ally at this stressful time. 

What to look for in a private tutor 

Whatever your reasons for engaging a private tutor, look for a tutor who has a good rapport with your child, and who is fully on board with you and your child’s aims and goals. The child-tutor relationship is a partnership, after all. 

As the leading education advisory and consultancy service in the UK, William Clarence is home to some of the country’s top tuition experts who will put the needs and welfare of your child at the centre of their tuition delivery. 

To learn more about our services and enlist the support of William Clarence for your child’s private tuition, contact us today. 

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