Why are Families Increasingly Turning to Full Time Private Tutors?

Why are Families Increasingly Turning to Full Time Tutors?

May 4th 2017

A British education has long been seen as the gold standard for those with the ability to invest in their children’s futures. Large numbers of wealthy overseas families are enrolling their children in Britain’s top schools, but for increasing numbers of both overseas and domestic families, full time tutoring is becoming an attractive option.

Why Hire Full Time Tutors?

Particularly for families who travel a great deal, school attendance can be problematic. Top education consultancies like William Clarence Education can create bespoke, full time education plans for the children of these families, delivered by a team of between three and four professional tutors. The tutors may visit daily or even live with the family and travel overseas with them – and with salaries starting at around 70k, these tutors offer an outstanding service which has many advantages over school.

Mirroring the School Environment

Top professional tutors are engaged not only for their knowledge and subject passion, but also for their patience and ability to engage with their young charges. With one to one teaching time for up to 25 hours a week, it’s not surprising that many tutored children go on to achieve top notch qualifications, paving the way to the university and career of their choice.

“For families who want to maintain a semblance of school,” explains Steve Spriggs, MD of William Clarence Education, “we mirror the school regime but with the added flexibility of a bespoke solution. Parent-tutor evenings, transparent teaching technology and a fully bespoke curriculum means that parents have full insight into their child’s education, and can be sure that the education on offer is top of the range.”

Making Social Connections

Professional tutors don’t only cater for the child’s academic needs. Great care is taken to match a tutor’s interests with those of the child, which means that tutored children can enjoy sports, music, drama, eating out and the arts, accompanied by a tutor who is just as enthusiastic as they are. “Our tutors understand the importance of creating and maintaining the child’s social circle,” Steve Spriggs says. “They can open doors to first class facilities, connections and events which will help the child start meaningful relationships for the future.”

Discretion Assured

For the families who seek bespoke private tuition, privacy is all important. The discreet service provided by consultancies such as William Clarence Education is a big draw, as is the continuity of care provided by tutors who get to know the child extremely well and can bring out the very best in each young person.

A lengthy and detailed hiring process ensures the best possible match between tutors and each family, and the consultancy liaises regularly with the parents or governess to ensure that all parties are happy and thriving.

Whether the family chooses a traditional academic programme or perhaps fits in the academics around a child’s excellence in music or sports, private residential tutoring means that every child gets the very best schooling, completely tailored to their own individual needs and ambitions.

“The lifestyle of some wealthy families means that school is not always a great fit,” says Steve Spriggs. “For those children, our tutors offer all the benefits of school, plus the advantages that can only come from one to one encouragement. It’s like school – only better.”




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