Oxbridge Applications Advice Webinar - Differences and planning for domestic and international families

Steve Spriggs
March 15th 2021

How can prospective Oxbridge students enhance their chances of being offered a place on their ideal course?

In this William Clarence webinar, our Oxbridge applications expert, Sarah Alakija, discusses the recent changes in Oxbridge entrance procedures and offers top Oxbridge applications advice for candidates so that they can prepare fully and stand out from the crowd.

Listen to the webinar to discover insider Oxbridge applications advice, and answers to the following questions: 

Is there a classic Oxbridge student? (0.51)

What makes somebody a successful Oxbridge student? What kind of individuals are the professionals at these universities looking for? 

Are there differences between the two universities? (2.24)

If so, what are these? 

What are the recent changes in admissions? (3.58)

What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on admissions? Have more students applied? What kinds of educational backgrounds do these students have? And are their applications being more or less widely accepted? 

What is the present situation for international students? (5.54)

Has the current pandemic had an impact on international students applying? If so, what is this impact?

What should students be doing and when to prepare? (6.55)

How soon should prospective students be looking to prepare for their application? When should you have decided which course you’d like to study? What do we mean by “super-curricular”? And what’s involved in the preparation process?

What planning needs to be completed in advance? (11.30)

How should your school be helping you to prepare? How soon should they be doing so? How do international schools, particularly in the USA, differ in this regard to UK schools.  

How does the process differ for International families? (15.41)

What should international students know about the UK education system in order to increase their chances of success? How can international students differentiate themselves from UK students and stand out from the crowd?

Is there a cap on numbers? If so, what is it? (18.21)

What are the “quotas” for each university, if at all? Are you at a disadvantage if you’re coming from an international school? What is the ratio between international and UK students at Oxbridge? 

What other words of advice can we offer? (21:12)

How should you best spend your time during the application process? What skills should you practice in preparation for the interview? And what will interviewers be looking for? 

Oxford and Cambridge are two of the most competitive universities in the world.

At William Clarence, our Oxbridge and UCAS experts like Sarah work closely with students on a regular basis, supplying only the very best Oxbridge applications advice and coaching to ensure that they have everything they need to make a successful application.

You can learn more about our Oxbridge Applications service here or get in touch to book an initial consultation with one of our expert team today.