An Interview with Magnus Bashaarat - Head of Bedales School

June 8th 2021

In this video, William Clarence’s Head of School and University Consultancy Diana Morant speaks with Magnus Bashaarat, Head of Bedales School

A leading co-educational day and boarding school for ages 13-18, Bedales offers A levels and GCSEs as well as their own Bedales Assessed Courses.  Bedales is situated just one hour’s journey from London, and has a linked prep school, Dunhurst and pre-prep, Dunannie. 

If your child is applying to independent schools, this interview provides a powerful insight into the current independent school climate, and the kind of experiences your child can expect compared to other education systems. 

In this interview, you’ll find answers to questions such as: 

How does Bedales differ from other schools? 

  • Discover the reason behind the inception of the school by its founder, John Haden Badley. 

  • Hear about their school motto, “Head, hand and heart,” and how this relates to the Bedales approach to education. 

  • Learn about the school uniform policy, and how students and teachers address each other. 

How does the school day work?

  • Hear more about the students’ autonomous, self-directed approach to learning, and how they remain in control of their own academic progress. 

  • Get an insight into the Bedales school environment and ethos, how it compares to other schools, and the impact that this has on students’ wellbeing and learning success.

What courses are available at Bedales?

  • Discover which GCSEs, A Levels and BTECs are available to study at the school, alongside their own Bedales Assessed Courses. 

  • Gain an insight into how these courses prepare students for university and work. 

What do Bedales look for in a potential student? 

  • Discover how Bedales recruit their students in compared to applying to other independent schools. 

  • Find out what Bedales’ candidates are assessed on and how, and at what point before they start school. 

  • Learn what happens once a candidate has a confirmed place following their assessment.

How does boarding work at Bedales?

  • Find out about the ratio of national to overseas students and the range of countries that students travel from to attend. 

  • Learn more about how many nights of the week students stay at the school, and what happens during the weekends if students don’t go home. 

  • Discover what is nearby for students to enjoy during the weekends, and more about the location.

You’ll also hear Magnus’ thoughts and opinions on the following:

  • The current climate on educational qualifications and job prospects, and the influence that Bedales school has on this. 

  • Predictions for the future of GCSE and A Level grades following the coronavirus pandemic 

  • The sustainability of boarding. 

  • Capping independent school fees.

Is your child applying to independent schools? 

Applying to independent schools can vary significantly depending on which institution a child is hoping to attend, and the process can be both complex and stressful. 

Here at William Clarence, we have unparalleled experience supporting students and their families from all over the world in their independent school applications, and helping students achieve their desired placement. 

Find out more about our school placement expertise here, from early years education to pre-prep/prep school and all the way up to senior school, or get in touch with us today for a consultation with a member of our team. 

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