Why families use Homeschooling Tutors in London?

Why families use Homeschooling Tutors in London?

May 4th 2017

When Emma Thompson announced in February that her daughter Gaia was leaving school in order to be homeschooled, the actress joined the increasing numbers of London parents who are turning to private tuition as a full time alternative to school.

The reasons for choosing to homeschool are as individual as each family, but numbers of homeschooled students are definitely on the rise. Although there’s no legal requirement to use tutors, many families do, in order to ensure that their children receive an education at least equal to that which they would have enjoyed at school. It’s easy to see why, when you look at the many advantages homeschooling tutors can offer a child.

Efficient, Bespoke Learning

Some families choose to homeschool with full time private tutors because it’s simply more efficient than school. With one to one attention from expert tutors, children don’t need to be “in lessons” from 9am until 4pm. Subjects can be covered more quickly, leading to more free time for the child to develop their own interests – interests which will help them stand out when it comes to university or career applications.

Many London families choose to follow the national curriculum, and to sit the same exams which schooled children would sit, although again this is not a requirement. For families where a child has a particular passion for music, or art, or sports, an education consultancy like William Clarence Education can create a bespoke curriculum for them which fits the academics around their unique talent.

Ideological Reasons

Some, like Emma Thompson and her family, decide to homeschool for ideological reasons, disliking the sometimes factory-like school-based approach to education. For these families, the flexibility of home tutoring means that children can receive a strong education delivered in a meaningful, engaging and personal way, tailored to their own interests and focused on meeting their own goals. “Our tutors work in partnership with each individual family,” explains Steve Spriggs, MD of William Clarence Education. “They tell us what they and their child hope to achieve through homeschool tutoring, and we make it happen.”

International Families

For many families, homeschool tutoring is an appealing option because they travel a great deal, or have recently relocated from overseas. Having full time tutors means that the education can fit around the family’s lifestyle and ethos, rather than the family having to fit in with a school. Tutors can also travel with a family, if required, and even live abroad with them for periods of time so that the child’s education is never interrupted.

The Whole Child

“Schools are important, but education does not finish at the school gate”, remarks Steve Spriggs. “Our tutors create bespoke learning experiences which cater for the whole child, including their social and cultural development.” William Clarence Education’s young students tend to lead active social lives, facilitated by their homeschooling tutors, with participation in sports teams or art programmes, and visits to museums, cultural events, theatres and restaurants.

It seems that homeschooled students can enjoy the best of both worlds – research shows that on average, academic achievement is higher than schooled peers, but the children also do exceptionally well in developing into well-rounded, confident and able individuals, whose social skills and cultural knowledge can open doors within their future education and career circles.

“Homeschool tutoring can offer many advantages over a traditional schooled education,” says Steve Spriggs, “but most important of all, it allows children to enjoy their childhood, while still gaining all of the qualifications and knowledge they will need. What could be better than that?”_________________________________________________________________

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