5+ entry School Placement

London Prep School Placement

International relocations can be highly complicated and families often select schools for their children before moving countries. However, once settled, they may choose to move the children to a new school once they have clearer educational goals in mind for them. Our team has extensive experience of moving children to find a better fit academically and pastorally, making recommendations about the best points in the curriculum for children to ensure they are fully supported and adapt quickly to their new school.

Student: A boy in Reception, who had recently moved with his family to London from the Middle East

Educational Background: 

A family had recently relocated to London from the Middle East. They already had a school place for their elder daughter and wanted to move their son from a local nursery to Reception at a top London pre-preparatory school.


Our consultants assessed the student using early years play assessment. We then drew up a shortlist of schools, recognising that the student still needed a little extra help to adapt to the UK curriculum after moving from his previous childcare arrangements. 

We worked with the family’s first choice primary school to secure a space and arranged for him to repeat a year to help him to adapt to the demands of the Reception course in his new school. He was also offered a Year 1 place at the family’s second choice, so they had the luxury of choosing the best fit school for his needs. 

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