How a specialist entrance exam tutor can help you get the very best out of your child's education

Specialist Entrance Exam Tutors: What Makes Them So Good?

May 3rd 2017

Parents want the very best when it comes to their child's education, but access to the very best of British Independent Schools isn't guaranteed without hard work. Here's how a specialist private tutor can help...

A good education not only primes a child intellectually, it also helps to develop key social skills, endowing them with self-respect and a positive outlook on life.

So when you consider the fact that most of the best schools in the UK are independent, it’s no surprise that thousands of families find themselves scrabbling to prepare their children in the run-up to entrance exams every year.

Coaching for Entrance Exams

A specialist entrance exam tutor is one option when it comes to prepping your child for school entrance exams. These specially trained tutors are qualified to guide children through the entrance exam process, using their years of expertise to develop knowledge, self-confidence and exam technique.

At William Clarence Education, we employ a range of highly qualified private tutors, all of whom have degrees in the subjects they teach. One of the unique skills of our entrance exam tutors is that they have particular knowledge of the 11+ and 13+ entrance exams, and are well-acquainted with the inner workings of top UK schools such as Eton, Harrow and Westminster. This gives them a genuine edge when it comes to tackling school applications.

Entrance exam tutoring through William Clarence involves hour-long private sessions, as well as larger group classes focusing on past exam papers and exam technique. We can also help you to place your child in the right school from the very beginning, through our tailored school placement service.

Working to Your Child’s Strengths

Perhaps the best thing about a specialist entrance exam tutor is that they will work carefully with your child to achieve the best results, no matter what their academic level. Throughout the whole process, your tutor will tailor their coaching to the needs and personality of your child, which means providing them with both academic and emotional support.

At William Clarence, our tutors are hired not only for their academic excellence but because they work well with children; they are well-trained in developing not only the mental aptitude required, but also the key skills of self-confidence and level-headedness.


William Clarence Education is the leading education consultancy service in the UK. With an unrivalled reach into the UK Schooling and University network, we help and advise families from around the world to reach their maximum potential and gain access to the very best of British education.  

William Clarence put the student’s needs and welfare at the centre of every programme of study we deliver with a focus on integrity and discretion.  Services include UK School Placement, University Placement, Residential Tutoring, Oxbridge Applications, US College Admissions and Homeschooling.


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