How to make online private tutoring work for your family

6 Great Reasons to Choose Online Tutoring For Your Child

May 4th 2017

In our increasingly digital world, it should be no surprise that education is moving online at a breath-taking pace. Here's how to make online private tutoring work for your family...

A recent study estimates that by 2018 more than half of the undergraduate students in the US will be studying for a wholly online degree, a statistic which would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Here in the UK too, online tutoring is taking off in a big way. Education consultancies like William Clarence Education are seeing record numbers of enquiries from parents interested in top notch online tutoring for their children – and when you look at the advantages of online tutoring, it’s easy to understand why.

  1. Access to a Wealth of Tutoring Expertise

William Clarence Education’s online tutors are every bit as highly qualified, dedicated and experienced as their face to face tutors. Forget the image of a hard-pressed undergraduate doing an hour or two of tutoring here and there to pay the bills – think instead of full time, professional tutors with outstanding academic backgrounds. Families are no longer limited to whichever tutors happen to be available locally – you will have access to subject experts wherever they may be, regardless of distance.

  1. A Cost Effective Tutoring Solution

When you engage an online tutor for your child, neither you nor the tutor need to waste time and money on travelling. This lowers the cost of the tutoring provision considerably, making it much more affordable for families. Online tutoring can also be a great fit for your child’s learning style, since instead of weekly intensive sessions you can if you wish schedule shorter, more frequent sessions, to keep your child interested and on-task – something which would be cost-prohibitive for most families if the tutor or family had to travel for those sessions.

  1. High Quality Tutor Interaction

Children generally take to online tutoring extremely well, and it can be especially suitable for quieter, more thoughtful children, who will find that the “distance” of not having the tutor in the room enables them to speak up more readily with questions and concerns. Meanwhile, the tutor remains engaged and enthusiastic about the child’s progress, and strong bonds can be formed between tutor and pupil.

  1. Flexible Online Tutoring Tech

Today’s children are digital natives and will have no trouble managing and using the tech required for an exceptional online tutoring experience. Most online tutors use Skype, with the addition of online whiteboards, file sharing utilities, screen sharing and a whole tool box full of multimedia materials. William Clarence Education online tutors use webcams so that the children can see the tutor, as this promotes a better relationship, but it’s optional for children to be on camera too. With the addition of writing tablets, tutor and child can even see each other’s doodles, handwritten annotations and workings out.

  1. Tutoring When It Suits You

A huge benefit of online tutoring is that sessions can be scheduled at mutually convenient times, even if that’s late at night or very early in the morning. This allows you to fit tutoring into your child’s life without disrupting his or her extra-curricular activities or imposing on too much of the child’s free time. This convenience and flexibility also means that online tutoring is often used when the family are travelling – after all, the tutor doesn’t need to be in the same time zone or even in the same country.

  1. Growing Independent Learners

Without a set routine of travelling to a tutor, or having a tutor arrive at the house, online tutoring does require more self-discipline from the student than face to face tutoring does. Parents will need to ensure that the child is online for their lessons when they should be, for instance – but this practicality aside, online tutoring is perfect for fostering an independent learning mind. As the student takes greater responsibility for his or her learning, more of that learning is retained and enthusiasm for the subject often rises. Online tutoring provides a certain level of educational independence which will serve the child well as they move through the education system towards university.

As technology advances, the future of online tutoring can only grow. As Steve Spriggs – MD of William Clarence Education – notes, “Education is becoming more personalised and more portable all the time. Our online tutors are at the cutting edge of what is possible, providing exceptional tutoring in a way that truly suits the modern family. We’re excited to see how the growth in this field continues, as it is sure to bring personal online tutoring to a whole new level of success in the UK.”


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