Double nomination for William Clarence Education Consultants at the EducationInvestor Awards 2017

Double nomination for William Clarence Education Consultants at the EducationInvestor Awards 2017

July 26th 2017

Following the announcement of the finalists this month, the London-based education consultancy couldn’t be happier to be nominated.

The EducationInvestor Awards promote excellence and recognise innovation in the business of education in the UK. Shortlisted in the ‘New Kid’ category as well as for ‘Best Pathways Company’, William Clarence Education views this recognition as the ultimate reward for three years of dedication from its committed team of education professionals, despite stiff competition, often from much larger firms.

Managing Director, Stephen Spriggs, explained: “For me, personally, it is extremely gratifying. Having built this business from the ground up and, over the last few years, watching it grow rapidly, we now have clients based all around the world. We have attracted the attention of some very influential names in the education industry, who I am now proud to call my colleagues and advisors. I firmly believe that the team we have built is second to none in education consultancy, and provides us with a stand-out position as a leading advisory service on British – and international - education.”

These advisors include Lord Paddy Ashdown, internationally renowned educationalist, Dr. Helen Wright and various high profile and well respected former Heads of top UK schools. The firm concentrates on offering private education consultancy, specialising in the facilitation of full-time homeschooling, prep school and senior school placement, university placements and guidance – at home and internationally – and other advisory services concerning UK schooling and university systems.

Advocating professional standards in education consultancy

Stephen Spriggs and his team have also emerged as leading proponents for professionalising a traditionally amateur industry into a regulated, professional service with a commitment to quality like any other profession, for the protection of students, families and professional education consultants alike.

Mr Spriggs added: “We’ve seen many of our competitors promise the earth, but deliver very little, and we often end up picking up the pieces for families who have contacted us having had some terrible experiences with other UK firms. Our consultants have an unwavering commitment to quality, honesty and, results. Because of this, we do not accept any fees from schools, to demonstrate and assure clients of our impartiality and commitment to their interests, as well as the interests of their child. No other firm is able to offer such an extensive network of educational professionals and advisors in one place. This gives us an unrivalled insight and inroads into the schooling and university network, that is dedicated to meeting the needs of each individual student. To win in either of these categories would be not only a fantastic recognition of our achievement so far, but a huge incentive for us to continue to build on our success.”

Mr Spriggs also hinted at a number of exciting developments to come in 2017 and 2018, partnerships, and new team members in the pipeline for the firm before the end of the year, to further cement William Clarence’s infrastructure and reputation for excellence. The William Clarence Education team has already overseen successful applications to some of the UK’s best schools, and constructed totally bespoke homeschool programmes, for both UK and international students.

The Education Investor Awards 2017 will take place in London on 5 December 2017. For more information on William Clarence Education, and the educational services it provides for students all over the world, visit