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Masters courses are incredibly challenging; something that our education consultants here at William Clarence know all too well. They are particularly difficult to succeed in if the student hasn’t studied aspects of the course previously, or for other reasons such as language barriers. Thankfully, our higher education consultation experts are able to help with these hurdles and more, offering a variety of services to ensure students excel in their studies. These services include, but are not limited to, tailored university tutoring and home tutoring. In fact, this was the situation for the student in the case study below.

Student: Masters Student 


Our higher education consultation experts organised an intensive six month schedule for a new Masters student who was falling far behind with his course. 

With the course only being one year long, there was no time to lose, and our tutors worked with the client for up to ten hours per week, covering his lectures with him in as much depth as possible so that he had a full knowledge of the topics.  

He had never studied Maths and Financial Economics before, and as a result, he found it particularly difficult to start with, as many lectures were beyond his current level of understanding, and therefore going over his head.


After the initial intensive six month intervention with the tutors our higher education consultation experts allocated to our client, he passed the course with a merit grade. The client was absolutely thrilled with his result and the input our tutors put in for him in order to help him achieve it.

This is just one of the hundreds of success stories we see here every day at William Clarence with our home school tutoring services. If you’d like to make an enquiry about these services or any others for your child, get in touch with us today.

higher education consultation