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School placements can be a complex and stressful procedure for families, particularly if they involve an international move or a change of school systems. Our consultants and tutor network can make this process smooth and seamless, taking the pressure off families as they shortlist and recommend the best-fit schools for the next steps in their child’s education.

Student: 16 Year Old 


A 16 year old boy, currently studying in the American school system, wanted to move to a top UK boarding school for sixth form. This was to be his second school move in the space of a couple of years and therefore the student had already recently needed to adapt to a new school and a new country. The family were based overseas and were unfamiliar with the British school system. An academically rigorous school was essential for this student as he wanted to move to a school that was exciting and challenging to expand his studies. 

The student had previously made an unsuccessful enquiry to the family’s first choice school. 

We assessed the student, made recommendations and shortlisted schools. Our consultant amended the list halfway through the process to include several IB schools as the family’s focus shifted from A-Level to IB options. As the student was bright but found his current studies did not overlap with the content of most 16+ admissions exams, intensive tuition with subject specialist tutors was arranged in all of the subjects the student would be examined in.

Due to the time difference with the family’s home country, our consultants and tutors worked outside usual office hours to provide extensive weekend and evening support to the family throughout the placement process.


The student felt well prepared for the examinations and scored highly, significantly increasing his exam scores from the William Clarence initial assessments he had taken at the beginning of the placement process.

The student was delighted to be awarded a scholarship to his first choice, highly competitive school. 

If you are considering an international move, or if you are looking for your child to be an international boarder at a UK school, our education consultants are here to oversee the entire process. We can provide the best tutors to support your child in preparing for any entrance exams. Simply contact us here today and we’ll be glad to help.