Relocation from India

Homeschooling and School Placement

Student: 11-year-old boy struggling on both Maths and English


Our team here at William Clarence were contacted by an Indian family who were moving into the UK; their aim was to gain entry for their 11-year-old son to one of the best public schools in the UK.

After a consultation and academic assessment by a tutor who was very experienced with the shortlisted school, we set about putting together a plan of tuition for the 6 months prior to the family moving into the UK so that their son had the best possible preparation for gaining entry.

A major part of the project was to ensure the child was left with a lifelong passion for learning, as we were conscious that simply gaining entry one of the best public schools in the UK was only part of the job; ensuring he coped with the new environment and approach to learning and was happy with the arrangements were the most important parts of the process.

Our dedicated William Clarence tutor worked twice a week with the student in question and set work for the downtime in between sessions to truly embed his learning experiences and give him the best chance of success for entry.


“Andrew was a fantastic help.  He was very accommodating and understanding of our needs and worked patiently with X in order to instil confidence into his work.  Our relocation to the UK was stressful but it was a pleasure working with Andrew and we would definitely recommend your services - Thank you to your team.”

At William Clarence, we’re proud to be able to find children like this particular student places in some of the best public schools in the UK. If you are relocating to the UK and want to ensure that you get the best possible school placement for your own child(ren), please do not hesitate to contact our team of educational consultants, and they’ll be glad to listen to your needs and requirements and help you on your journey.