Medical Applications and offer at Imperial College London

Expert Medical applications

At William Clarence, we are experts in supporting medical applications into the UK medical schools. Our knowledge and depth of experience with medical applications enables us to ensure that our students benefit from the very best advice and support at every step of the application process. For further information, listen to our Medical Application podcasts.


We were approached by a student and his family from Russia, needing dedicated help in forming his Medical Application. He had a good idea of what he wanted to do in the future but was not too clear on how best to approach his UCAS application in relation to course choices and content of his personal statement.  He had received valuable support from his school for the ‘external’ examinations but lacked confidence in his preparation for the interview process, if he was lucky enough to be invited to attend.

As such the student researched appropriate undergraduate medical school courses and then reviewed a long list of options (for both universities and courses) before focusing on a final list of 4 medical courses and 1 additional non-medicine programme, Biomedical Science. We reviewed the student’s academic profile and long-term aspirations and developed a strategic approach to his final choices by assessing the success rate of each medical school in relation to places available and expected external test scores. This allowed for the refining of a short list; the student made ambitious choices in terms of applying to 5 high-ranking universities.

The student was supported through the process of applying through UCAS; wider reading recommendations supported guided applications for work experience and the student was able to build a strong profile to evidence in their personal statement.  Mock interviews took place and strategies and techniques discussed and developed


The student was invited to 3 interviews, both formal and MMI and was offered 3 places at Medical School plus a Biomedical Science option.  Student is looking forward to continuing their studies at their Firm option – Imperial College London