Medical applications advice for anyone wanting to study at medical school

June 13th 2020

Medical school applications are renowned for being extremely competitive. 

In fact, they are among the most popular degrees applied for in the UK, with over 26,000 students applying to study medicine at UK universities for September 2023 alone.

At William Clarence, we have an exceptional track record of proven success with medical school admissions.  We have helped a vast number of students successfully obtain a place at their desired medical school over the years through our bespoke medical school application packages and unparalleled medical applications advice.

In this podcast, we are joined by Gareth Davies, a higher education specialist with William Clarence, to discuss his experience in medical applications - a must-listen for anyone wanting to learn more about the process and make the most of our expert medical applications advice. 

This podcast covers:

  • The application process – including work experience and the interview
  • The types of medical courses on offer throughout the UK
  • Admissions testing
  • How to choose the right medical school for you
  • The alternatives to medicine degrees 
  • How to approach your application strategy for the best chance of success!

If you’re thinking of applying for a medical degree in the UK, we would highly recommend beginning your application at least two years in advance, so that you have plenty of time to prepare a top-class application. 

Our consultants have also successfully worked with students from a later start date, however. So, if you would like to discuss your medical school application in more detail or to find out more about the medical application advice our experts can provide you here at William Clarence, please get in touch with us today.

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