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Applying to medical school is no easy feat. In fact, medicine is listed as one of the most popular – and therefore, the most competitive – degrees in the UK. 
As a result, many aspiring medical students can find themselves overwhelmed by the application and interview processes involved, alongside struggling with the pressure to achieve the grades required to secure a place.  
William Clarence are established medical application specialists, helping numerous students apply successfully for medical degrees in the UK.  
As a result of our education consultants’ knowledge and depth of experience with medical applications, we can ensure that our clients benefit from the very best advice and support at every step of the application process (you can find out more about this by listening to our Medical Application podcasts here). 
Read on to discover how one aspiring medical student achieves her dream of being accepted onto a medical degree with the help of William Clarence.


Our client in this case study was an aspiring medical student, looking to study medicine at a UK university.  
Initially, the student had approached William Clarence for additional support for her undergraduate application.  She did not fully understand the UCAS system and needed guidance on how best to approach her UCAS application in relation to course choices, external testing, work experience and content of her personal statement. 
Although confident in her academic abilities, the student lacked the confidence she needed in her preparation for the interview process, if she was lucky enough to be invited to attend.  
As such, the student researched appropriate undergraduate medical school courses and then reviewed a long list of options (for both universities and courses) before focusing on a final list of 4 medical courses and 1 additional non-medicine programme, Neuroscience.  
Reviews of the student’s academic profile and long-term aspirations along with a strategic approach to the success rate of each medical school allowed for the refining of a short list; the student had made some ambitious choices in terms of applying to 5 high-ranking universities. 
Our medical application specialists here at William Clarence supported the student through the process of applying through UCAS; wider reading recommendations supported guided applications for work experience and the student was able to build a strong profile to evidence in their personal statement.  Mock interviews took place and strategies and techniques discussed and developed.


The student was invited to three interviews, both formal and MMI (St George’s, Imperial and Queen Mary’s London) and was offered two places at Medical School, plus her Neuroscience option.  The student is now looking forward to continuing their studies at their Firm option – Queen Mary’s London.

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If you, like the student in this case study are looking for support in your medical degree applications – whether that’s to find the right university, obtain admissions advice or receive help with interview preparation – our medical application specialists here at William Clarence would be delighted to help. Simply get in touch with us today.