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When it comes to choosing a degree course and university, it’s never as simple as picking which looks the most attractive in brochures or working out which has the best nightlife; it’s also vital that you consider the impact your choice could have on your future.
One of our specialisms here at William Clarence is UK university consultancy. In fact, we are one of the country’s top higher education consulting firms, ensuring that young people gain access to the best possible higher education in order to reach their full potential.
Our dedicated education consultants specialise in a number of fields, including applications for mechanical engineering. In this case study, one of our top education consultants was called upon for her expertise to support an international student in applying for a mechanical engineering degree. 
Read on to learn how our consultant successfully helped the student gain the confidence they needed to secure a place at university...


In May 2019, William Clarence was contacted by an international student attending a top UK boarding school, as they were beginning to narrow down their choices for university selection.
As an exceptionally gifted and talented student, they wanted to study a mechanical engineering degree at a high-ranking institution. Unsure as to which field of engineering they wished to pursue, consultant Rebecca Dowbiggin worked with them to narrow down their choices.
Rebecca coordinated a programme of wider reading to support the student when they came to write their personal statement, in addition to completing online interview preparation. Given that the student was to be interviewed by several universities, they also undertook multiple mock interviews.
Rebecca provided detailed feedback to the student and offered regular advice on how they could improve. The student gained in confidence through intensive preparation for the more challenging Physics and Mathematics questions and, as a result, found that they felt more equipped not only for their interviews but also for their mock A-Level examinations.
Incidentally, in 2020, these became hugely important in determining a student’s final ‘calculated’ A-Level grades as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic prompting school closures.

The results

As a result of Rebecca’s support and their new-found confidence, the student was successful in gaining a place to study a mechanical engineering degree at the highly competitive Imperial College London.

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From choosing the right course to assessing the extracurricular strengths of an institution, the knowledge and understanding of our university placement consultants at William Clarence is truly unparalleled.
As a result, many students – both national and international – have successfully secured places in their ideal higher education setting; whether this is through exam and interview preparation, help with an initial application, or something else entirely.
Whatever your requirements for achieving a place at your desired university, call us to arrange a consultation with a specialist today and we’ll be glad to discuss how we can help.