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Homeschooling Qatari Family


Students: Two Daughters - aged 14 and 16


One of the most common reasons we are consulted for our homeschooling services here at William Clarence is due to families moving to the UK from other parts of the world. We are therefore delighted to offer the services of our homeschool teachers to the children of these families on a regular basis, helping them to succeed with their education, either at home in the long term or when transitioning into normal day school.

We were recently approached to work extensively with a Qatari family who were being moved into the UK, with two daughters in need of a homeschool teacher for a term, and then regular on-going attention and support when making the transition into day school.

Both girls were in urgent need of Maths, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology help due to missing a large portion of school whilst in their native home.

We put together a small team of homeschool teachers and a full academic programme to bring both girls to a point where integration into a normal day school was possible. The girls positively thrived on the tutoring they received, catching up with the learning they had missed and thoroughly enjoying the process.


Both girls now attend a local school.  They still see their tutors weekly for all their subjects in order to keep adding to the excellent progress already made.

If your child or children need homeschooling for whatever reason - be that your recent move to the UK, illness, or to help with passing school entrance exams, our education consultants are on hand to help with any advice, or provide you with the best possible tutors. We’ve helped numerous children and young people find success with our homeschooling services, and would be delighted to discuss the particular needs of your child(ren) and family. Contact us here to get started!

homeschool teacher