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Canadian Family relocating to the UK

Relocation and School Consultancy

Students: Twin Boys


Two very academically bright boys, aiming for one of the top independent schools in the UK at 13+ level. With Entrance Exams being sat in London in January, and a potential school start date of the following September, we worked with the family in Canada prior to the move via our distance learning team.

For a year in the run up to the exam dates, both boys had intensive tuition from one of our specialist Entrance Exam tutors, who had previously worked with the school in question and gained exemplary results.  The main aspect of the programme put together was exam technique and ensuring both boys understand the nuances of both the Maths and English papers.

Through regular assessment we were able to accurately feedback to the family as to progress, tailoring the contact time with their tutor as the exam drew close to ensure both boys were fresh and at their peak come exam day.


Both boys won entry to the school of choice, and offered places at two other top independent schools in the UK.


“We would like to thank William Clarence Education for the excellent tuition services provided to our son Yash. Thanks to the professional approach and invaluable assistance from your tutor Joe, Yash has been offered places at all the top public schools in the UK he applied for.  We are extremely happy with the results achieved. Our family is relocating to the UK from Canada, hence the tutoring was done via Skype. This proved to be as efficient and fun as if it was in person. Special thanks for the availability over the weekends and for the late or early hours spent on the Skype calls to work around the time zone difference. Superb services from the tutors and the entire team. – AJ, Vancouver, Canada”

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top independent schools uk