13+ & 11+ entry School Placement with Intensive Tuition Programme

Senior School Placement and Exam Tutoring

Making the decision for children to become international boarders in the UK school system can be tough. However, if siblings or cousins are joining a new school at the same time, this can give additional peace of mind that they will have a firm friend to travel with as well as a familiar face in their first few weeks at a new school. Our education consultants and tutors frequently work with children to familiarise them with the entrance examination procedure and acclimatise them to the key techniques and methods needed to ensure their transition to the new school is seamless.

Student: A girl aged 12, and her cousins aged 10, sitting 13+ and 11+ examinations


An extended family based in India were looking for their children to attend top UK boarding schools as international boarders. They were entirely unfamiliar with the entrance examination process, but knew that they wanted the girls needed to attend highly academically competitive schools in the UK.

The family wanted to ensure that the girls all attended the same school to help them settle in to their new school. 


  • A programme of intensive tuition with our 11+ and 13+ entrance specialist was arranged over consecutive school holidays, continued via Skype during the term time. 
  • The education consultant worked with the girls for their intensive tuition to ensure the best possible monitoring of their progress towards the expected levels for each of the ambitious school choices on their list.
  • The consultant was able to build a real bond with the girls via Skype and in person whilst the family was in London during school holidays, meaning that they were reassured and confident about the project in hand.
  • The girls’ progress was significant and they added upwards of 50% in the verbal and non-verbal reasoning papers, compared to their starting scores.
  • All three girls were awarded places at every highly competitive school they applied for.
  • The family were delighted that they had the luxury of choosing from offers at every school on their shortlist. 

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