Travelling Tutors: How Private Tutoring Opens Up a World of Opportunities for Families

Travelling Tutors: How Private Tutoring Opens Up a World of Opportunities for Families

February 4th 2017

The Christmas holidays may be upon us, but this is a peak season for exam revision, and not everyone is resting. Many families up and down the country employ private tutors to help their children at home, but for an emerging sector of super-rich families, elite tutors will accompany them on their travels, anywhere in the world.

Steve Spriggs, MD of William Clarence Education, has noticed a sharp rise in the number of clients seeking tutors to travel with them, both in term time and during the school holidays. “Many of our clients now ask for our top tutors to travel with them,” he says. “Whether it’s on a yacht, to a high class hotel or in their second or third homes, keeping the same tutor is vital for the child’s continuity of education, and families are delighted with the opportunities this opens up.”

The reasons for employing a travelling private tutor are as individual as the families themselves, but the benefits of having education on tap while you travel are huge.

Maximise Revision Time

At this time of year especially, and during the Easter holidays, international families are keen for their children not to suffer from learning loss as exams loom. When a tutor travels with the family back home for the holidays, they can ensure that the child’s exam revision is effective and efficient.

Flexible Schooling Schedules

With many wealthy families having a number of bases around the world, it’s often not convenient to have to wait for school holidays for the child to join the rest of the family. By engaging an elite live-in and travelling tutor, such families can have no qualms about taking their child out of school at various points during the year.

An Education In Itself

St Augustine is believed to have said “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Travel, of course, is a worthwhile activity in itself, and is certainly very educational for a young mind. As well as clients with homes around the world, or who wish to take extended holidays, Steve Spriggs also meets clients for whom travel is a way of life and a deliberate choice. “A round the world trip is an incredible experience for anyone,” he points out, “but for a child – think of the possibilities! Engaging a tutor to travel with the family means your child will get the best of both worlds – a sound education and a life-enriching experience.”

Enriched Educational Opportunities

A tutor who is engaged to travel with a family doesn’t have to just stick to the same old subjects. Being in a foreign country is an opportunity to enjoy all kinds of imaginative learning, in addition to the traditional curriculum. “Our tutors will help children put on Greek plays while in Greece, or to explore the archaeology of South America – the possibilities are endless,” explains Steve. “These are experiences you simply cannot have while sat at a school desk. A good tutor recognises the unique privilege of travel, and seeks to maximise the child’s experience of it at every turn.”

Of course, the tutors enjoy the experience too, and are typically treated like honoured guests by the host family during the trip. With such advantages for children, families and tutors alike, the trend to employ a travelling tutor looks sure to continue to grow.


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