There are lots of ways parents can lend a helping hand in the run up to exams

Practical Ways to Support your Child Through Exam Revision

May 3rd 2017

It can be difficult as parents to watch our children go through exam stress, especially when we are so keen for them to do well and get the qualifications they deserve. The good news is, there are lots of ways to lend a helping hand in the run up to exams.

From a relatively young age, our children are introduced to the world of exams, and all the last-minute cramming, sleepless nights, and revision timetables that come with them. It’s not just a case of buying them new stationery - here are some practical ways parents can help, while also easing the stress...

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure On

No matter what they might say, our children are always desperate to make us proud, so the only thing that constant reminders about the importance of exams is going to do is ramp up their stress. Resist the urge to nag or criticise when it comes to exam prep – instead, think of constructive ways to facilitate their revision, and lend plenty of emotional support when it’s needed.

Help to Implement a Routine

The trouble with GCSE and A Level exams is that they come at a time when life is stressful for many other reasons. Lots of teenagers find it difficult to organise their lives around the demands of school, friends and extra-curricular activities at the best of times, so use your age and experience to help them work out a routine. Plan out a revision structure that will work for them, and then help them stick to it through gentle encouragement (and perhaps the odd bit of bribery).

Organise Private Tuition

If your child is really struggling, consider hiring a private tutor. William Clarence Education is a consultancy service operating in London and across the UK; we can supply weekly private tuition for GCSE and A Level exams. A private tutor can really take the pressure off, and will be specially trained to deliver guidance on exam technique as well as revision topics.

Arrange Fun Days Out

One of the best things you can do during exam season is maintain a relaxed, stress-free home environment. When they finish their day of revision, make sure your child has an area of the house in which to properly unwind. Even more importantly – reward their hard work with days off, entirely away from the textbooks. Not only will this show them that their hard work pays off, it will also counteract stress, and give you some quality time alone with your child.


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