When you sit an exam, you stand or fall on your own – however, during the revision process, there are many good reasons to revise in a group setting.

Making Revision Count with Group Study Days

May 4th 2015

When you sit an exam, you stand or fall on your own – however, during the revision process, there are many good reasons to revise in company.

Group revision days, such as those run by William Clarence Education, can have a real impact on your or your child’s exam performance – because sometimes, many heads are better than one when it comes to learning and understanding.

Full Course Coverage

William Clarence Education Group Study days provide full coverage of the A level course in question, for between 8 and 12 students. Typically, AS material is covered in one six hour day with regular breaks, and A2 in a second day, although the days can also be split by modules where this makes more sense. Under the guidance of expert tutors, teens cover the whole course syllabus and – crucially – get plenty of exam practice too.

A Motivation Boost

Let’s face it, revision is not always the most exciting thing on the planet. Many teens find it hard to get started on a revision plan, or to maintain it. Having a group study day on the calendar provides that extra motivation to get revision underway before the day, and typically students feel more motivated to carry on revising afterwards too.

Group Learning Works

Research into learning has shown that we process information better, and retain it better, when we interact with it in some way. The dynamics of group learning are perfect for revision in this sense – students can bounce ideas off one another, ask and answer each other’s questions and help each other with their individual areas of weakness. Studying and revising with company brings the material in question to life and helps to ensure maximum retention and understanding.

Expert Tuition

William Clarence Education’s A Level tutors provide high quality tuition during the study days. Experts not only in their subject matter but also in the exam techniques required, tutors can correct misconceptions on the spot, guide students towards improving their grades, and facilitate group interaction so that every student present benefits.

Cost Effective Tuition

Although most parents don’t put a value on their child’s education, in the real world, budget constraints do apply. Group Study Days with William Clarence Education work out considerably cheaper than individual private tuition, and are an excellent option for families who do not wish, for whatever reason, to engage an individual tutor.

Getting It Done – Peace of Mind

Although it’s important to trust teens to organise their own revision, it’s peace of mind for both students and parents if there is a full day or two of structured revision built into the timetable. Group Study Days don’t replace your teen’s own revision programme, but they do enhance it – and act as a safeguard for the slightly more reluctant!



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