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How to Write the Perfect Personal Statement

Evelyn Pike
October 10th 2023

The 16th October 2023 deadline is almost upon us for applications to degrees in medicine and those applying to Oxford and Cambridge.

We’ve put together this essential guide on how to write - and finish - your personal statement, the work of art that can shape your academic destiny. The competition is fierce, but with the pursuit of excellence as the guiding principle of our education consultancy, the team at William Clarence know how to help our students’ applications stand out.

This year marks the final year of personal statements in their current form: one coherent essay as a declaration of intellectual prowess. From 2024 onwards, students will have to answer questions relating to six key areas, which are yet to be decided.

We understand the gravity of this task, and our mission is to guide you on the path to writing a personal statement that opens the doors to prestigious universities.

The Art of Personal Statement Writing

Creating a personal statement that resonates with admission committees requires not just insight but also an artful approach. Our vital guide is your roadmap to constructing a personal statement that will distinguish you from the competition:

Beginning Your Statement

Start your journey with a narrative that encapsulates your academic career. The aim is to create a compelling thread that runs through your statement. This should not be a recollection of childhood dreams, but rather an exploration of advanced learning that has fuelled your intellectual fire.

Detail Your Experiences

Your journey unfolds as you delve into your self-initiated work and relevant experiences. These moments of discovery and learning outside the classroom are the building blocks of your narrative.

Now, it's time to show off your achievements. Shine a light on your accomplishments, including any competition victories, additional projects and leadership roles that make you an exceptional candidate.

Look Forward

As you progress, the spotlight shifts to the course you’re aiming for a place on. It's essential to strike a chord with every university you apply to, but that makes each admissions department feel you’re speaking directly to them. Universities appreciate students who contribute to their vibrant communities.

Future Ambition

What lies on the horizon of your academic journey? How does this degree serve as the launching pad for your future ambitions? Whether it's about achieving specific goals or embarking on a journey of self-discovery, convey your aspirations clearly and with conviction.

Ending Your Statement

Conclude your statement with a powerful reminder of your brilliance. Tell them why they should choose you, why you are so driven to study at their institution, and how your path has led you to your chosen subject or course.

Writing with Love and Precision

Throughout your personal statement, pay close attention to your writing itself, including style, grammar, spelling, and structure.

Embrace the power of vivid vocabulary - the right words can infuse your narrative with a sense of passion and intellectual curiosity. Be sure to avoid sweeping statements; instead, pinpoint specific instances that make your journey unique and your statement stand out from the crowd.

Try to be original in your statement – Oxford and Cambridge receive tens of thousands of applications each year, so review your work carefully to see if you can bring something unique to the table.

Specialist University Guidance with William Clarence

At William Clarence, we understand the alchemy required to create a personal statement that leaves a lasting impression on your chosen university.

Our expert education consultants possess the knowledge and experience to help you craft a personal statement that sets you on the path to academic excellence. Trust William Clarence to help you make your mark in the world of higher education.

Book a meeting with one of our experts today for tailored UCAS personal statement help, application support, and advice to help you kickstart your academic career.