Everything you need to know about UK Boarding Schools

June 18th 2020

Deciding between sending your child to boarding school or day school is a huge decision. 

And once you and your child have concluded that boarding school is the right choice, there are a lot of other things to consider.

For instance, you will need to decide which boarding school your child will attend, whether they will be there full-time or flexibly and if they’ll be in a single-sex or co-educational setting, as well as taking into account the kinds of extracurricular activities they will pursue and how the school will shape them for the better.

At William Clarence, we have unparalleled expertise in this area and can provide boarding school advice to the children and their families wishing to pursue this path. 

Therefore, for the first episode of our educational podcast, we have invited Diana Morant - Head of UK School and University Admissions – to offer her expert UK boarding school advice and knowledge on everything you need to know about UK boarding schools.

During the podcast, Diana will answer our families’ most commonly asked questions, including: 

  • Why does a boarding education provide lifelong value to students?
  • How old are students typically when they start boarding school?
  • Why are UK boarding schools so unique?
  • Why are UK boarding schools so treasured with families from across the UK and the world?
  • What are the key steps in preparation and finding the perfect boarding school?
  • What are the questions you should ask on a school open day?
  • What life is really like at boarding school?

If there is anything in the podcast that you would like to discuss in further detail or you would like to consult William Clarence’s expert UK boarding school advice to successfully secure a place for your child at their ideal placement, get in touch with us today.