Tara O'Sullivan

Marketing Advisor

Tara has more than 25 years of experience in B2B technology and marketing puts a particular focus on product marketing, branding, and driving strategic growth. Previously she served as Chief Creative Officer / Chief Marketing Officer at Skillsoft, the world’s largest eLearning company from 2016 to 2019. At Skillsoft, she led a highly ambitious and successful transformation of the entire library of content assets as well as reimagining how marketing impacted the business. She has also held leadership positions in Oracle, IONA Technologies, SAS, and TES Global. She is currently the Chief Marketing Officer at Immedis, the global leader in payroll consolidation, where she ensures Immedis’ go to market strategy presents the brand, the voice, and the vision consistently and authoritatively.

Tara is consistently recognised for bringing a unique blend of strategic insight and operational execution. Tara is a project execution specialist, including restructuring, transformation, content and marketing strategy She successfully builds SaaS platform brands, including online membership and subscription base, and implements the transformation initiatives that accelerate change across the organisation Tara has led various global teams, sponsored key people and delivered global projects on time and to budget Data oriented results driven, with a persuasive and effective communication style.

Tara holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Studies (International Marketing) from Trinity College and a MA in International Marketing from University College Dublin.