William Clarence Education consultants set to advocate for British education in Dubai and China.

William Clarence Education consultants set to advocate for British education in Dubai and China.

October 31st 2017

Stephen Spriggs, Managing Director of the leading London education consultancy, announced this week that he will be attending a series of meetings and engagements in China and the Middle East in November 2017.

Accompanied by Ian Hunt, former MD of Gabbitas and new Commercial and Partnership Advisor to William Clarence, Stephen Spriggs will travel to Dubai in November to take part in a series of meetings with strategic partners, local schooling groups, investment firms, and key decision makers in education in the region. The firm hopes to explore a number of strategic opportunities and potential partnerships to aid further growth in the region for the firm.

Mr Spriggs commented: “The Gulf, in particular, is a region with a lot of potential for us, and for British education as an industry. Not only are there domestic families, but also a high number of ex-pats, who are keen to send their children to British schools. The popularity of a British curriculum in many international schools in the area also demonstrates the value of the British education system overseas. British education is synonymous with prestige, tradition, and excellence, and we hope to act as ambassadors in making that gold standard in education more accessible to those in other regions.”

As meetings conclude in Dubai on 18 November, Mr Spriggs will then continue on to Shanghai and Beijing, to meet with Chinese partners, relocation agents and education officials, and will be speaking at various educational roadshows and events to explain the UK school and education system. He will also be meeting with new partners within the early years education sector, a sector that William Clarence sees huge potential in, and exploring a number of other international education opportunities for Chinese families.

Mr Spriggs added: “We already work very closely with our Chinese partners on school placement, University admissions and relocation, with a particular focus on prep schools and senior schools. We are also seeing a growing trend among our Chinese clients of families looking to enrol children in the US College system, and our recent collaboration with Arcus Advisory, and the appointment of Susie Cochin de Billy as our US College Admissions consultant, is a huge leap forward in enabling William Clarence to help more families achieve their goals.”

William Clarence Education first made its name in private tuition but, since then, the business has focused on education consultancy and placement services into UK schools and Universities. Its UK relocation service provides overseas families with a helping hand in navigating their way into the complex UK education system. The company enjoys excellent relationships with the UK’s top schools and universities, including Oxbridge, and can provide personally tailored advice on choosing, and securing a place at, the best school for each individual child.

Stephen Spriggs hopes that this trip will also serve to further enhance the reputation of UK education industry, as well as fostering new relationships and providing a boost to the UK economy through the country’s excellent academic services.