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Winning a place at a top UK university with law school advisor support

In this case study, we share how our client, a law school hopeful applying to UK universities from Amsterdam, sought the support of our expert law school advisor Rebecca Dowbiggin, and was subsequently offered a placement at a top UK university to study law.  


A student applying to UK universities from an international school in Amsterdam approached William Clarence as a potential law school applicant. However, the student was initially unsure as to whether a career in ‘pure law’ was their most desired option.  

Support from William Clarence 

The student was introduced to Rebecca Dowbiggin, one of our expert law school advisors here at William Clarence, who guided the student in consideration of a range of different academic courses (Law, History, English, Management), including joint honours courses. 

Following this careful consideration and Rebecca’s support and advice, the student committed comfortably to making an application to study law, and after a full review of their academic and extra-curricular profile, Rebecca suggested a suitable shortlist of top UK universities to apply to. 
Although the student prepared independently for the LNAT examination, Rebecca continued her support via interview preparation, and conducting multiple mock interviews to ensure the student felt confident and ready for the process. 

Wider reading guidance and discussion, along with work experience recommendations, supplemented an extremely well-rounded and strong written application. 

The result 

With the support of Rebecca, the student excelled in their interviews, and they are now looking forward to studying Law at the University of Bristol from September 2021. 

“My councillor was Rebecca Dowbiggin and she was just absolutely wonderful. At any point when I needed help, she was there for me… this was the best money spent throughout the diploma programme, and I couldn’t recommend Rebecca enough!” 

- Student studying Law at the University of Bristol 

Are you considering an application to study law at a UK university?

As the student in this case study found, gaining a place at university to study law can be challenging due to the intense nature of the subject.  

Our law school advisors at William Clarence have successfully supported numerous students over the years to win places at some truly prestigious law schools and universities, including the likes of Bristol, Oxbridge, UCL and many more. 

To find out more about this, visit our Law School Application Advice and Consulting page or call our team today and we’d be delighted to arrange a consultation with you to discuss how we can help.