UK family returning to London from Pakistan

School Search & Consultancy


We were contacted in May 2020 by a family who were looking to return to the UK from Pakistan for a September school start.  With three young boys, the older two being educated in Lahore, the family wanted to return to Central London in the summer for the start of the independent school year in September. 

  • The family of three young boys were looking for pre-prep school places for the elder two and a nursery registration place for the baby 
  • The family were very specific about the sort of school they wanted - single sex with excellent space and sports facilities
  • The older two boys aged six and four had a mini academic assessment and ‘interview’ which helped us when talking to schools as there were no visits due to COVID-19
  • We were able to help the family with what to expect in preparation for entrance tests and interview 
  • The father who was in London as lockdown relaxed, was able to visit the outside of preferred schools but was very dependant on advice from William Clarence as to the character and feel of the schools
  • Both boys took entrance tests and had an interview with their first choice of school 
  • The parents were able to virtually meet the Head and the Head of Admissions to talk about the school and the boys


The family has accepted the offer of places at their first choice school for both boys, one of London’s leading pre-prep schools.