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Even if school moves do not involve a change of country, a domestic relocation to a new area or county can still be challenging for families without an extensive knowledge of local schools, especially when they are moving from the state system to independent schools. Our education consultants recommend schools for each child based on their vast experience of school admissions in the independent sector. 

Students: Children currently in Reception and Year 2, needing to sit 5+ and 7+ Entrance Exams


A family with two children, currently in Reception and Year 2 at a local state primary, were looking to relocate outside London and move to the independent school sector. The children were doing well at school but were relatively young in their year groups. Their parents wanted them to attend the same, nurturing preparatory school with strong links to an independent senior school for continuity in their education and peer groups as they got older.


Our education consultants assessed the students in a combination of academic and play-based interactive work. Following this, our education consultants shortlisted schools, liaised with admissions departments and arranged for the children to attend taster days and entrance examinations with the family’s top choices just prior to the schools’ disruption at short notice in spring 2020 just before the Covid-19 lockdown. We arranged for the children were assessed at taster days, just before the closure of schools.

The children were supported by a highly experienced early years and Key Stage One tutor to help them become familiar with key tasks and expectations for school entrance assessments. 

The children were thrilled to receive offers at both of the family’s top school choices. The family chose to accept the place that would be easiest for them around their new commute. 

If you are considering moving your children from the state to the independent sector, our expert team of education consultants and tutors can help to find the best fit for your family. Simply contact us here today and we’ll be glad to help.