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Entrance exams, as any of our expert educational consultants will concede, can be daunting - especially for younger students. It’s not just about having the knowledge needed to pass, but being able to overcome any anxieties or nervousness that may be preventing the student from performing to the best of their ability. Thankfully, our high calibre tutors here at William Clarence have all the skills and expertise to prepare pupils for both of these eventualities, resulting in students not only feeling confident in their knowledge, but also their ability. In fact, we have worked with many students studying for their school entry exams over the years, but the case study below in particular is perhaps one of our most satisfying...  

Students: Two Sons - 11+ and 13+ Entrance Exams


Over the course of a year, our tutors worked with two very hard working boys aged 10 and 12 in preparation for the exams required to enter two very competitive London schools.

It was essential that both boys got into the same school to make the physical journey to school easier for them and their family. But perhaps most importantly, it was essential to make sure the boys had each other for emotional support throughout their academic journey.


As a result of the boys’ hard work and the attentiveness of the tutors provided by our expert educational consultants, both boys excelled in their entrance exams, and were offered places at both shortlisted schools. The family therefore had the luxury of picking which school to attend, making their morning and evening trips to and from school significantly easier, and allowing the boys to embark on their educational journey together.

If your child is hoping to attend a day or boarding school but needs to pass an entrance exam in order to be admitted, our expert educational consultants are on hand to find the best tutors to help your child to prepare. Simply contact us here today and we’ll be glad to help.

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