Film Schools application in the UK

Specialist Higher Education Consultancy


The student approached William Clarence, initially with the intention of studying an academic undergraduate course in the field of Business Management. However, following a detailed review of the student’s profile and multiple consultations, during which the student was encouraged to explore a wider range of potential options and consider carefully their desired long-term career path, it became apparent that their true passion lay in something more creative: film making.

We assisted the student in drawing up multiple short-lists for both theoretical and practical courses in this field. The student decided to take a more vocational approach and five direct applications were made to the top courses in London. Film school applications are both detailed and lengthy and support was offered at each stage. Guided wider reading supported strong written applications, whilst interview preparation and mock interview practice ensured that the student was extremely well-prepared for each of their many interviews.


The student received 5/5 offers and is looking forward to studying at their top choice: the Met Film School

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