8+, 10+ and 11+ Entry Tuition & School Placement 

Senior School Search and Entry

Working with tutors via Skype prior to a school placement can be an invaluable boost for children in anticipation of an international move, even if they are already in a British curriculum school overseas. Building up a longer term bond and a good working relationship with a top tutor can mean that the children are thoroughly prepared, take entrance exams in their stride and settle in at their new school rapidly. Confidence is key! 

Student: Three siblings based in the UAE


A family contacted us midway through 2019 ahead of their planned relocation either to London or the home counties. The children attended a British curriculum school, but needed to become more confident with the format of the typical school entrance examinations.


Following an assessment, the children began work on Skype with a tutor for Masterclasses and quickly made excellent progress. Their end of year reports show they are excelling across the different areas of the curriculum, having added extra sessions whilst schools were working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Working closely with our education consultancy side of placement, the tutor and consultant communicate weekly to draw up a shortlist of schools that best suit the children. 

If your child would benefit from Masterclass sessions or you are looking for additional classes to complement a school placement package, simply contact us here today