Rowa El-Tohami

Rowa El-Tohami

US College Admissions Specialist

Rowa holds a B.A. from Columbia University and has extensive experience in the education sector as a U.S. university admissions strategist and early career counselor. Whilst working as an Educational Consultant in the admissions advising space in Dubai, she coached dozens of international college applicants helping many to secure scholarships to their top choice U.S. universities. 

Rowa enjoys facilitating a safe space for applicants to reflect on their shortcomings and identify their strengths as they work on developing an authentic, cohesive narrative. She encourages an intuitive approach to in-depth research and this translates into many components of the application process from creating a good-fit, balanced college list to tailoring writing for school-specific essays  to preparing for admissions interviews. She aims to make the application process less daunting by breaking it down into manageable steps and fostering confidence in applicants. 

As a member of the Alumni Representative Committee, Rowa yearly interviews numerous candidates for undergraduate admission to Columbia and this helped her understand how candidates can best position their extracurricular activities to stand out during interviews. 

Applicants that she has recently coached have gotten accepted at MIT, Cornell, Columbia, Duke, UC Berkeley, NYU and more